Somehow I find myself still posting crap from Sunday’s Super Bowl. I thought my Bob Kraft article would be the end of it all, but I had to throw a parting shot at Gisele Bundchen, and now I’m posting fan videos.

It’s no secret Unathletic loves the fan videos. One of the highlights of college football season was posting fan videos every week. I guess today is the end-all, be-all in terms of fan videos. Super Bowl fan reactions.

We have joy, we have jubilation. We have agony, we have anger… hit the jump and enjoy…

Giants Fan Dances With His Dog

I felt bad for the damn dog in this video. This is probably a standard Giants celebration – happiness plus a little weirdness.

Giants Fan Gets Suckered

The outcome of this video came as no surprise to anyone. I know you’re a Giants fan, but when you’re brutally outnumbered by a bunch of bitter Pats fans it’s best you remain humble.


WHAT A FUGGIN’ SPAZ! I love this boyfriend – clipping the whole thing for YouTube, but trying to console his chick. Amazing.

Australian Patriots Fan?

See Folks – The Super Bowl can break down even the toughest of men. All that Fosters and Rugby sh%t just went out the window with this video.

Even Little Dudes Are Sad

Patriots nation just getting rocked head to toe.

The Joy in Time Square

Of course Times Square was the place to be. Congrats to the Giants


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