New Zealander Bevan Docherty says he was snubbed by Lance Armstrong after winning the Panama half ironman on Sunday and knocking the seven-time Tour de France winner into second place in his first professional triathlon. An Olympic silver medalist, Docherty told New Zealand media that Armstrong brushed past him at the finish line without offering congratulations, but later briefly shook his hand and acknowledged his victory. Armstrong didn’t address Docherty’s reaction in an interview on the event’s website, but did say Docherty “deserved to win.”

Shunned by the cycling world, Lance Armstrong has moved on to triathlons. Good thing they don’t have PED testing. I kid, I kid. I am a pessimist when it comes to athletes taking PEDs. I think Lance definitely did something. With that said, the guy is a superathlete. There are no doubts about that. Once he gets his head around how to pace himself in each portion of a triathlon the guy should start winning regularly.


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