Move over “Linsanity” YU’ve been replaced! Finally, the moment YU’ve all been waiting for…. Spring Training is here, and new Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish is about to take the MLB by storm…

First – TebowTime. Next – Linsanity. Finally – _________. We’re on a mission to find a nickname for Yu Darvish to continue this new trend of cool athlete nicknames.

Please feel free to give us YUr suggestions.. Here’s what we got.

5.) YUphoria

This, of course, is assuming the guy wins. Not sure we can assume that though mates…..

4.) Darvicious

Staying on that same track of Yu dominating Major League hitters…. could be vicious – Darvicious

3.) Gay-Rod Jr.

Yu might be making a play to steal the loveable nickname that Alex Rodriguez earned himself when he did that photo shoot kissing himself in the mirror. [Here it is just in case you forget] If you google Yu some interesting pictures come up, this being one of them.

2.) Yu Darnasty

I’m starting to think this is all going to be a waste of time (if it’s not already) if Yu sucks. The odds of him taking over like Lin and Tebow are pretty small.

1.) Party Boy and Party Yu!

I wonder if Party Boy is going to relapse again and this time Yu will be licking whip cream off his chest!


Your Thoughts?

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