1992. 1992. 1992… You got that? Yeah, that’s the last time the Pittsburgh Pirates made the playoffs. That was also the last time the Pirates finished above .500. They had people hopeful last season, but then really tanked in the second half finishing 72-90.

This year it’s all over! This year the Pirates finally make the playoffs. This year everything gets turned around, and the people of Pittsburgh are going to be delighted. I know what you’re saying… but how? How can this be?

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5.) Improved Pitching

You’d think saying you added AJ Burnett and Erik Bedard wouldn’t mean a darn thing, but when you were 10th in the NL in ERA last year – it’s an improvement. I’m not completely abandoning AJB – I just think he needed to get the hell out of New York. It’s certainly going to help he’s not pitching in the AL East. If Bedard, nevermind. The pitching staff isn’t terrible. Hanrahan at the back is an All-Star caliber closer. Karsten’s proved he’s worthy. I never thought I’d say this, but Charlie “Batting Practice” Morton didn’t pitch bad last year. There’s potential here for a nice little rotation. It certainly helps they’re pitching in the AL Central.

4.) The Big Boys Are Gone

The Brewers and Cards are going to struggle to find their offensive identities without Pujols and Fielder. I mean you’re losing two of the biggest bashers in the game. I’m not saying that opens the door for the Pirates, but if there was ever a chance -this is the season..

3.) They Have the Best Player Nobody Knows About

For those of you who do not play fantasy baseball – meet Andrew McCutchen – he’s the best player you’ve never heard about. I think even McCutch would tell you he didn’t meet expectations last year and he still popped off for 23 HRs and 89 RBIs. This could be a big-time break out season for McCutch – He’s the next big marketable star.

2.) They’re Young and They’ve Underachieved

How long have we’ve been hearing about Pedro Alvarez? Neil Walker, Garrett Jones – these guys are young and have talent they just haven’t put it together. I think everyone in Pittsburgh is just waiting for these guys to finally put it together. I’m not buying they’re failures. I’ll give them this year..

1.) Nowhere To Go But Up…

The Pirates, quite frankly, were not good in all statistical categories last season, but they played some good baseball for a stretch in 2011. No team got better in the NL Central – they either maintained or got worse. The Pirates are poised to step it up this year. I like the young talent. If the pitching gets better, and some of these “underachievers” perform – they can shock the Brewers Cardinals and Reds and take the Central.


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June 1st, 2012 at 8:26 pm

I agree with you except on Garrett Jones. Jones is 31 years old and past his prime. Ever since his first year with the Pirates, he’s been really average. And, that is where he will stay. He’s a 4th outfielder at best on most teams in the league. He will be serviceable for the Pirates mainly because he can play multiple positions. But, his role is only to fill the gap for a future, better player.

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