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Sweet pick of Kris Humprhies eh? I almost forgot about this guy – I’m starting to think that it was all Kim Kardashian’s fault. Without her, he’s a nobody and you never hear from him, which is very serene for me. Kim Kardashian so sexy, but such a d-bag.

The Press

So Randy Moss signed with the 49ers – Is he a good fit? [CNNSI]
This is a pretty damn funny assessment made by the Vancouver Canucks’ Green Men [BustedCoverage]
Augie Garrido, head coach of UT baseball, had one of the most epic tirades of all-time [CavemanCircus]
The Bella Twins are a reason why things come better in twos [DonChavez]
Chicago Cubs may have one of the most amazing fans in baseball (site NSFW) [DirtyRottenWhore]
Peter Dill is going to have to take his talents to the NIT [NYBarstool]
There is now a strain of marijuana named for Jeremy Lin [USAToday]
The flying tip-in is the best high school basketball play you will see this year [BigLeadSports]


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