Anna Watson is getting bigger

I’m sure all of you remember Anna Watson from a few weeks ago. She was getting a lot of press for being the strongest cheerleader in the country. Well she’s moving forward and body building now. That’s all I have to say about that.

Other than that, thanks Carmelo for ruining Linsanity. Hines Ward is crying because of his last year of existence. Tim Tebow is still a good dude no matter what anyone says.

And that’s what we’ll have in the pictures that follow…..

Tebow’s a Good Guy

No matter what you say about him, he’s just a good person, period. Photo H/T

Rakeem Christmas

And he wears number 25. Photo H/T

This is Aaron Rodgers Shirtless?

How is this even possible? Amazing.

Potential Hottest Men’s College Football Player

This is the LSU women’s soccer goalie who is reportedly trying to be a kicker on the football team. Photo H/T

Old School

Cheerleading didn’t look so hot back in the day

Way To Support the Team

UCSB Sucks.

Colorado State Dedication

Love their fan base

Nothing Ends Well…Ever

Poor Hines. Well at least he’s a Dancing with the Stars Champ


Your Thoughts?

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