Concussions are a very odd phenomenon. There are situations where a guy gets concussed and he’s back in the game a week or two later. Then there are situations when a guy suffers a concussion and his career is put into jeopardy. If only we were neurologists here at Unathletic.

Today, we feature some athletes who have had the worst of it with concussions. Unfortunately, these guys did not return in a week or so – these guys missed extended periods of time, and we can’t even fathom the post-concussion symptoms and issues they faced during recovery.

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Eric Lindros

When you’re talking about “the worst” Eric Lindros could be number one. Read this excerpt from Wikipedia:

Lindros spent many games on the injured reserve and suffered a series of concussions, the first in 1998 from a hit delivered by Pittsburgh’s Darius Kasparaitis that sidelined him for 18 games.[11][12] Lindros would suffer a 2nd concussion in January 1999 that sidelined him for 2 games. During an April 1, 1999 game against the Nashville Predators, Lindros suffered what was diagnosed as a rib injury. Later that night, the teammate he was sharing a hotel room with, Keith Jones, discovered Lindros lying in a tub, pale and cold. The 19992000 season would be Lindros’ last as a Flyer. Having suffered his 2nd concussion of the season (4th overall) in March, Lindros criticized the team’s trainers for failing to diagnose a concussion as he played with symptoms following a hit he suffered in a game against Boston 2 weeks prior. Clarke then stripped Lindros of the captaincy for his actions. Lindros sat out the remainder of the regular season and suffered another concussion while rehabilitating for a return to the lineup. Lindros ultimately returned for Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals against New Jersey, Lindros scored the lone goal in a 2-1 Flyers loss, and in Game 7 Lindros suffered yet another concussion after a hit by New Jersey defenseman Scott Stevens. The Flyers lost Game 7, 2-1 and the series despite leading 3 games to 1.


Justin Morneau

What a freak incident that was – a bang-bang play, happens almost every game. Unfortunately, Morneau suffered a concussion that has cost him the second half of the 2010 season and most of the 2011 season although other injuries came into play. The question remains; will Morneau ever fully recover from that incident.

Sidney Crosby

In consecutive games, the 2011 NHL Winter Classic on January 1, 2011 against the Washington Capitals and January 5 against the Tampa Bay Lightning, Crosby suffered hits to his head from Dave Steckel and Victor Hedman, respectively. After experiencing several concussion symptoms, Crosby did not return for the rest of the regular season, and he missed the 201011 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Crosby missed the first 20 games of the 201112 season due to the lingering effects of his concussion. He returned on November 21, 2011 against the New York Islanders, scoring two goals and two assists in a 50 shutout win for the Penguins. However, after playing another seven games, for a total of 12 points in 8 games, Crosby’s concussion-like symptoms returned in December 2011, possibly following an elbow hit by David Krejci in his eighth game of the season. Despite passing a successful ImPACT test, Crosby decided not to return on the ice until he felt perfectly fine, stating that he also needs to “listen to [his] body”. Crosby returned to action on March 15, scoring an assist in a 52 win against the New York Rangers.

Kris Dielmann

Kris Dielman walked away because he knew he had to. The nine-year veteran was evaluated for a possible concussion after an October 23rd game vs. the San Diego Chargers but the team determined him fit enough to get on the team’s cross-country flight home to San Diego. However, Dielman suffered a seizure near the end of the flight and was hospitalized. Dielmann was smart enough to make the right choice for his family and his own health.

Ted Johnson

For years after his NFL career ended, Ted Johnson could barely muster the energy to leave his house. “I’d [leave to] go see my kids for maybe 15 minutes,” said Johnson. “Then I would go back home and close the curtains, turn the lights off and I’d stay in bed. That was my routine for two years.”Those were bad days.” These days, the former linebacker is less likely to recount the hundreds of tackles, scores of quarterback sacks or the three Super Bowl rings he earned as a linebacker for the New England Patriots. He is more likely to talk about suffering more than 100 concussions. Johnson is actively speaking out against the dangers of concussions in sport.

Note: There have been numerous athletes who doctors have shown died from damage to the brain from a concussion – needless to say no one has had it worse than them. RIP.


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