I think it’s important to educate the youth of America on the benefits of participating in sports. Children today need to understand the full spectrum of benefits that come with being an elite-level athlete. However, it’s important to know the fruits of some sports aren’t the same as the fruits of others…

In terms of finding women – if Unathletic has done anything in our day, we’ve proven that elite athletes of certain sports, no matter how you look, can snag you a seriously hot broad. Some sports you wouldn’t even think of, like Golf or Tennis, BUT there are other sports that clearly DO NOT get you women.

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5.) Bowling

This should come as no surprise to anyone. Professional Bowlers aren’t the best athletes in the world. However, you can make good money, you’re on TV, and you’re considered a professional. Only problem – women aren’t knocking down your door.

4.) Pro Cycling

Lance Armstrong was like the Babe Ruth of Pro Cycling – His track record is Sheryl Crow and one of the little girls from Full House. Not bad, but when you’re the Babe Ruth of the sport you should be getting supermodel ass on the reg.

3.) Professional Eating

Dude click the link for professional eating. It’s a real sport with a league and everything. There is no chance in hell a professional eater is ever going to make a move in the women’s department. That would be like Asians becoming the tallest race in the world. (No disrespect to Asians)

2.) Professional Weightlighting/Body Building

You get your pro weight lifting card and you think “I’m IN with the ladies” Wrong! Now this is one sports I blame the athletes themselves. They kind of screwed themselves because they’re attracted to weightlifting, beefy chicks. It’s your own fault!

1.) Swimming

See Cycling. Michael Phelps, the Wayne Gretzky of swimming is about the only exception of any swimmer I’m aware of. I could be wrong, but this is a crying shame. Swimmers aren’t swimming between the legs of anything notable. If anyone knows of any swimmers other than Phelps getting the quality ladies, let us know.


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