I write today’s opening blog with a slight bit of hesitation because it’s never bad to be a professional athlete no matter what team you’re on. It’s like having sex with Kim Kardashian or Kourtney. I mean you’d prefer Kim, but Kourtney is pretty damn sexy in her own right. (Khloe may be pushing it, but sex is sex) Anyway, I digress..

Over the past few years there have been some awfully bad professional franchises. I’m not just talking about performance on the field either. I’m talking about money, fans, facilities, etc.

Take a look at the 5 Worst Professional Sports Franchises to Play For….

5.) The Pittsburgh Pirates

This picture is one reason why I hate putting the Pittsburgh Pirates on this list. They have one of, if not the, most underrated ballparks in the country. They’re also a feisty team that is on the rise. Unfortunately, losing, low payroll, and the fact nobody pays attention to them really makes it a tough. They’re in the bottom half of attendance (but not last), and they haven’t had a winning season in twenty years. I’ll be honest – I’m rooting for the Buccos this year.

4.) The Cincinnati Bengals

Another team that is somewhat on the rise right? Maybe in results on the field, but everywhere else the Bengals are dead last. And when I said dead last – they are dead last in attendance by a longshot. It’s really hard not to put last year’s reigning champion of Worst Professional Sports Franchises on this list.

3.) The New York Islanders

The Islanders get the nod over the Coyotes because the Coyotes play hockey in Phoenix and the Islanders play in New York and they’ve been doing so for 40 years. The Islanders have had playoff appearances, hell they were the best team in hockey in the early 80′s but times have certainly changed. The fact they stink, play in no-man’s land, and have some of the lowest fan support stats make them an easy pick here.

2.) The Cleveland Cavaliers

I almost forgot Cleveland had a basketball team after Lebron left. Dan Gilbert is a stable guy. He really made this situation worse when he started complaining like a spoiled brat after Lebrongate. At least the Bobcats have Michael Jordan, and the Hornets are in New Orleans. There’s not much awesome about this team.

1.) New York Mets

Not even Bill Parcells could save the Mets. I know I’m being harsh, but the Mets’ recent financial entanglements, the fact they stink, but most importantly the fact they are the Jan Brady of New York makes it a tough situation. I’m not saying the Mets haven’t had some success, but no matter what they do they’re always going to be overshadowed by pinstripes.


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