I can promise you one thing – the 2012 St. Louis Cardinals will not defend their World Series title. The question is; who will take home the trophy in 2012?

The staff here at Unathletic has compiled as much research as possible to make the most educated-guesses as to which teams will succeed in 2012. Afterall, whether you’re Buster Olney or Buster Douglas at the end of the day it’s just an educated guess.

Hit the jump to see a break down of the 2012 MLB winners…..

The American League

AL East – Tampa Bay Rays – I love the pitching and I think the offense is good enough.
AL Central -Cleveland Indians – Young, talented team in a division without young, talented teams.
AL West – Los Angeles Angels – Pujols + Kendry + Pitching, this team is good.
Wild Card – Boston Red Sox – Yankees or Red Sox – Flip a coin. I don’t like the Yankees age and rotation… AGAIN

National League

NL East – Miami Marlins – New stadium, new hair, why the hell not. Fingers-crossed JJ stays healthy
NL Central – Cincinnati Reds – Team to beat in a WEAK division.
NL West – Arizona Diamondbacks – See above!
Wild Card – Philadelphia Phillies – Had to dethrone the Phils, still Halladay, Lee, and Hamels gets you to the dance all day.


American League Divisional Round

Angels over Red Sox
Rays over Indians


Rays over Angels

National League Divisional Round

Phillies over Reds
Diamondbacks over Marlins


Phillies over Diamondbacks

World Series

Tampa Bay Rays over Philadelphia Phillies


Your Thoughts?

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