No one is happier that warm weather is here. I’m very much so looking forward to baseball season and the Summer. However, it’s important that we celebrate the past, and the beauty that was Winter.

There’s no better way to do this than to celebrate some classic Skiing and Snowboarding fails. Personally, I’ve never been Skiing or Snowboarding in my life. I’m not upset about this one bit, especially after watching these videos.

Hit the jump to watch them yourself…

5.) Back Flip Fail

I give this guy credit – He definitely went for it. What’s worse; a belly flop in the snow or a belly flop in a pool? I can’t imagine either are pleasurable.

4.) Gnarly Chick Snowboard Fail

The idea of water plus snow in freezing temperatures than wearing a tank top is not what I’m talking about. She had this one coming, I can’t feel bad for her.

3.) How Does This Happen?

Saw this one coming a mile away… At what point do you say maybe I should get out of the way? You had like 200 yards to measure this one out.

2.) This is the Worst

This kid like didn’t even give it a go. I don’t do rails, but I’m sure you need some more speed than that. The noise was classic.

1.) This Video Went Viral Last Week

Absolutely classic. This kid nailed my feelings about skiing in one short YouTube video. Awesome.


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