Its a 3-peat for KD. Durants margin of victory of just 0.17 points per game is the second closet in league history. Durant is now both the youngest player to win three straight scoring titles as well as three scoring titles period. KD has three at 23. Michael Jordan didnt win his third until 25. Durant finished the year averaging 28.03 points per game. The other two seasons he averaged 27.7 and 30.1 ppg, respectively. For his career, hes averaging 26.3 ppg.

So there you have the story of Kevin Durant winning this year’s scoring title. I was slightly curious about previous winners so I Googled a list of scoring title winners in the NBA. When I say “our generation” I’m talking about the past twenty years ago – What you will find is there wasn’t a lot of diversity. A few guys just owned the title.

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5.) Tracy McGrady

T-Mac use to be my favorite player. The guy could just ball. He took home the title two straight years in ’03, and ’04. In 2003 he dropped 32.1/per game the second highest winning average in the past 20 years.

4.) Kobe Bryant

Believe it or not Kobe only have 2 titles as well. He does have the highest scoring average per game since MJ 30 years ago.

3.) Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson went out like a chump so it’s easy to forget what a prolific scorer he really was.. He won 4 titles in 7 years. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean sh$t for him these days.

2.) Kevin Durant

Three titles at age 23 is FREAKIN’ scary. He’s going to make a serious run at the next guy……

1.) Michael Jordan

Well, duh. Obviously, it’s Michael Jordan. The greatest basketball player of all-time won ten scoring titles. In ’86 he dropped 37 ppg. Umm, no big deal.


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