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You better believe this is going to be a roller coaster season for the Jets. There’s no way that Rex Ryan and co. can manage a peaceful situation under the current circumstance. Fans are already inclined to push for Tebow… Just wait.

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This video was posted about a month ago, but it still makes me laugh. You have to love the Yu Darvish phenomenon. I was a doubter, and even though I’m not sold yet, Yu has proven me wrong so far.

I do, however, give Yu some credit for dating a Japanese porn star. That’s gotta be fun.

Junior Seau, a homegrown superstar who was the fist-pumping, emotional leader of the San Diego Chargersfor 13 years, was found shot to death at his home Wednesday morning. He was 43. Police Chief Frank McCoy said Seau’s girlfriend reported finding him unconscious with a gunshot wound to the chest and lifesaving efforts were unsuccessful. A gun was found near him, McCoy said, and police were investigating the possibility that Seau’s death was a suicide. Police said no suicide note was found and they didn’t immediately know to whom the gun was registered.

Junior was troubled in his post-NFL career. He allegedly fell asleep at the wheel a few years ago that was rumored as an attempted suicide. Very sad story. You wonder if there was any steroid-related problems.

That’s right, Georgia defensive lineman John Jenkins likes to suck his thumb when he’s sleeping. We know this because teammate Tavarres King posted a photo of the 351-pound Jenkins sleeping, well, like a baby.

Personally I would have liked this to have been from the NFL but college is just as good.   I’m just waiting for the day we see Tim Tebow sucking his teets like this.   It’s bound to happen but let’s give a quick shout out to Tavarres.  Nicely done fella!

Credit to Lost Letterman for this one.

The former defensive tackle, on the heels of losing his gig at NFL Network after he alleged that Jeremy Shockey was the Saints “Bountygate” whistleblower, must establish a new revenue stream somehow after filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and this is how he’s going to do it: he’s becoming a television courtroom judge.

So this is what you do when you lose your job and have to file for bankruptcy? Don’t you have to have a law degree to be a judge? What the f$ck is going on here…

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Paralyzed defensive tackle Eric LeGrand has been signed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. LeGrand broke two vertebrae and suffered a serious spinal cord injury on Oct. 16, 2010 during a kickoff return against Army. His coach at Rutgers then, Greg Schiano, now is coach of the Bucs. LeGrand became an inspiration to the Scarlet Knights, eventually being able to stand upright with the help of a metal frame. He resumed his studies via video conferences for the 2011 spring semester, and on Oct. 29, 2011, led the team onto the field before a game. He also has done some broadcast work for the school. Schiano called the signing a “small gesture … to recognize his character, spirit and perseverance.”

Very classy move by Greg Schiano and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The story of Eric LeGrand is very sad.  He’s shown a tremendous amount of courage and perseverance throughout his recovery. He’ll always be able to say that he was signed by an NFL team. Here’s to hoping that LeGrand continues to recover and medical strides are made for those who have suffered paralysis.

The Wings Angels closed out the regular season back on April 6th. So this may have well been the last game for Angels Captain Lauren who is hanging up her boots after 5 seasons and 50 games.  Other than that I have no idea what to say.   I just know it’s been a pleasure posting pictures of these girls for the last few months.

I look forward to next season and finding an excuse to cover indoor lacrosse.

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This may be my favorite NY Post sport page of all-time. It’s absolutely perfect. Each character is perfectly placed. Amazing.

If you don’t know the NY Post is infamous for publishing some very creative sports stories on their back page. These sports stories don’t pull any punches and focus on the latest trending stories in NY Sports. It’s very fitting for New York. If memory serves, I believe Rex Ryan and Eli Manning frequent the back page the most.

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