Nothing fancy today my friends – just straight humor using GIFs. There have been two exceptional GIFs published over the past week. It’s your turn to decide which one is funnier.

First, you have a Fat Man Dunk Attempt during halftime of the Atlanta Hawks vs. Boston Celtics game. Second, you have Orioles’ 3B Mark Reynolds blatantly leaving Buck Showalter hanging on his way back to the dugout.

Hit the jump to see the GIFs…

Fat Man Dunk Attempt

I love this guy. All f$cking heart. This may be the best GIF of the Year. Not so much because it’s funny, but because I haven’t seen this kind of heart since Rudy hit theaters.


Mark Reynolds Leaves Buck Showalter Hanging

I hate Buck Showalter so I love this GIF. Not to mention, it’s also pretty damn funny. Unfortunately, nothing is going to beat the Fat Man Dunk Attempt.


Your Thoughts?

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