Click on photo to see last week’s football fails

There is one fail on this list that you have to click the link and read about. Awful. I’ll let you investigate it for yourself. Is the world still reeling from the Manchester City miracle? That was pretty neat eh?

The Press

Manny Pacquiao has a problem with Obama’s stance on same-sex marriages [WithLeather]
Tania Z shows us why staying in shape is very, very important [RegretfulMorning]
12 Very Unique Pieces of Hubcap Artwork… pretty badass [Uncoached]
Japanese Soccer play scores awesome goal then celebrates horrifically [TotalProSports]
Look folks.. Albert Pujols finally made some good contact last week [TerezOwens]
Sacramento group wants the Maloof brothers investigated [USAToday]
AWESOME! Bo Jackson Tecmo Bowl in Super Mario Bros. [SharapovasThigh]
The adorable father-daughter duo from America’s Got Talent last week [GossipCop]


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