The 2012 MLB All-Star game is over a month away. With that said, a lot of damage can be done (for good or bad). Regardless, there are some guys on pace to get the All-Star bid that we never would have guessed before that season started.

The MLB All-Star game isn’t a complicated science. You have your popular guys who are a lock if they put up decent numbers, than you have your guys who come out of nowhere.

Here are 5 guys who are going to be playing in the Summer Classic you wouldn’t have guessed would be there…

5.) Paul Konerko – 1B – Chicago White Sox

Paul Konerko got as hot as anybody over the past couple weeks. Hot enough, that his statistics should carry him into the All-Star game at a logjam of a position. You think with Pujols, Cabrera, Teixiera, and Adrian Gonzalez there would be NO room for ‘Nerko… think again.

4.) Carlos Beltran – OF – St. Louis Cardinals

There’s never really any doubt about Carlos Beltran’s ability. The guy just can’t stay healthy. Most teams didn’t want to give him a shot in 2012, but the Cardinals are sure happy they did. He’s been the anchor in the middle of their lineup, as they try to move on after Pujols left. He’s no Pujols, but the Cards have an All-Star outfielder in Beltran. (Assuming he stays healthy until the game!)

3.) Gio Gonzalez – SP – Washington Nationals

Gio Gonzalez is an interesting case. I would say most people didn’t consider Gio All-Star material because he played in Oakland. I watched him pitch a couple days ago. The guy looked unhittable. He’s got great stuff, and he’s in the top 3 in K’s, W’s, and ERA. I think he could be an All-Star for several years pitching in the National League.

2.) Edwin Encarnacion – 3B – Toronto Blue Jays

Edwin may be the lone Toronto representative because Joey ‘Bats’ had a terribly slow start. If Encarnacion can at least keep up a semblance of his current pace he’s in at 3B.

1.) Jim Johnson – RP – Baltimore Orioles

and leading the Major Leagues in saves (0.84 ERA) … Jim Johnson of the Baltimore Orioles. I would also like to mention Fernando Rodney on this list..

Other guys we considered…

Melky Cabrera, Chris Sale, Brandon Beachy, and Andre Ethier


Your Thoughts?

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