Monday morning… (Sigh). I’m going to make a point to try and put up something enjoyable every Monday morning. And when I say enjoyable, I mean something you don’t have to read.

Today is simple. Just peruse some videos from the sports world, and find some awesome fans. Put them together, post and enjoy. Fortunately for us Euro 2012 is a major supplier of great material.

Hit the jump and enjoy…

5.) When The Musics Hits You, You Have to Jam Even If You’re Up a Light Post

Watch these two get really into it when the music picks up. Euro 2012 – I love it man. It puts the world’s lunatics on full display. Amen.

4.) As I Was Saying….

It’s hard not to just make this post all Euro videos! What can I do… Feeling the music which leads to breaking into a ferocious dance is a Universal phenomenon. You can be black, white, Swedish, whatever..

3.) Oklahoma City Thunder Fan Supporting His Squad

Hey.. We’ve all done it before haven’t we? Can’t fault the little dude.

2.) Gotcha!

We may be picking on a lady here who is not all put together mentally, but what the heck are we suppose to do with NASCAR fans. I love the reaction when she realized she was being videoed.

1.) Nice Euro Compilation

I love the beautiful ladies. Euro 2012 man, Euro 2012.





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