The Group Stage of the 2012 European Championship has come to a very nice end. The biggest surprise – tough to say, probably Russia not making it through their crappy group. I can promise you no one except the Russians is disappointed about that.

Anyway, with some time off before the quarterfinals we can look back at some highlights from the Group Stage. We’ve put together some of the better goals from tournament play. Feel free to chip in if we missed a good one..

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5.) Italy’s Mario Balotelli vs. Ireland

Imagine if Balotelli wasn’t such a loser. The guy has a world of potential on the football pitch, but he just has to be an ass all the time. Even after this goal… I watched it and was more focused on him after the goal than during. Story of his career.

4.) Cesc Fabregas vs. Ireland Republic

I don’t know why I love this goal, but I do.. Fabregas just beat the living sh$t out of this ball.

3.) Andrea Pirlo vs. Croatia

Someone needs to double check my mouth, but this was the first and only goal on a free kick in the group stage.

2.) Danny Welbeck vs. Sweden

Fast forward to 3 minutes if you just want to see Welbeck’s goal. I thought Carrol’s was pretty nice as well. Welbeck may have had the goal of the tournament thus far.. maybe..

1.) Silvestre Varela’s winner vs. Denmark

Given the circumstances – was there a bigger goal in the Group Stage? Probably not. Remember, just keep swinging!

Goal of the Tournament

The answer is yes and it was Ibrahimovic’s volley. Beautiful


Your Thoughts?

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