It’s a little early to start the NFL 2012 yammer, but it’s hard not to point out that there are stories this Summer that are going to bled to death. I can see it already…

No one really pays too much attention to any sport’s preseason. The NFL probably gets the most attention because fantasy aficionados are concerned about which RBs are getting starting gigs. This isn’t necessarily fantasy material..

Hit the jump to see 5 stories you are going to CONSTANTLY hear about all Summer from the NFL…

5.) Chad Ochocinco on Hard Knocks

Chad has this problem.. He still thinks we give a sh$t about him. Nobody does. His antics were over a few years ago. Someone needs to tell Chad that. I’m curious; you think he signed with the Dolphins because of Hard Knocks. The guy can’t stand to be headed toward the abyss.

4.) Andrew Luck Replacing Peyton Manning and How Smart He Is…

This may be the one story that I won’t mind too too much. It is going to get annoying hearing about how smart Luck is and how well he fits in. Newsflash; you’re suppose to learn the fuggin’ playbook and fit in. This isn’t an amazing accomplishment.

3.) The Status Of Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning looks great. Peyton Manning has good rapport with his receivers. Peyton Manning has regular bowel movements at camp. We get it. He’s probably the greatest quarterback that ever lived, nobody is worried about him.

2.) Terrell Owens Needs a Job :(

Terrell Owens is getting a look by so and so. Terrell Owens is broke and has no friends. Dude there’s no one to blame but yourself. You’re a loser. We don’t want to hear about ya bro.

1.) The Saints, Saints, and Saints…

Drew Brees’ contract situation. “Bounty” it’s never going to end. Ever. It’s insufferable


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