Summertime folks! Serious question; do people actually still go to waterparks or did the whole pee in the pool thing shut them down?

If you’re a fan of waterparks and thrills you’ll probably love the 5 waterslides in this post. I, myself, not a huge fan. I hate heights and free falling.

They don’t make slides like they use to… hit the jump to check em out..

5.) Freefall Water Slide, Aqualand

The Freefall stuff really freaks me out, but this looks rather innocent. The girl took it like a champ. I think I’d be crapping my pants.

4.) Double-Looping Waterslide

What the hell is the start of this one? It gives me anxiety just looking at it!

3.) Body Slide Cyclone

The Body Slide Cyclone? Ok, now I’m getting nauseous.

2.) AquaLoop

This could be the worst one of the group. You start in that box, freefall, and a loop. Ridiculous.

1.) DisneyWorld’s Blizzard Beach

Disney gets the nod at number one because Disney is awesome. Enjoy the Summer mates.


Your Thoughts?

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