Today’s opening post is a debate for all the fans. I was perusing the world of sports this weekend and came across a few key sports figures that got me noodling….

The question is; are these individuals good or bad for their respective sports? What is good or bad? The problem is; I’m not sure – a positive impact on the sport in terms of….. revenues? publicity? popularity? Who knows…

Anyway, hit the jump to vote “Good” or “Bad” for these five individuals….

5.) Lebron James – Miami Heat

Lebron leads it off… I think it’s pretty obvious Lebron is good for basketball. I don’t think there’s anyone who would disagree with that. However, I also think he may be the most disliked guy in the NBA. The only reason I would say he would be “Bad” would be because he really made this teaming up with your buddies thing the Celtics did a legit NBA trend.

4.) Tim Tebow – New York Jets

The Tim Tebow phenomenon doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.. Tebow leads the league in photos with fans. Well, maybe he’s tied with Rob Gronkowski. I think it’s pretty obvious Tebow is “Good” for the NFL. Not so much because of all the publicity, but he’s pretty much the only guy who behaves himself.

3.) Danica Patrick – Autoracing

Admittedly, I’m not going to do the necessary research to make a competent analysis of Ms. Patrick and whether or not she’s good for autoracing. At first it was like “Oh cool, a hot chick racer.” Now it’s like, “Oh yeah, the hot chick who doesn’t win sh%t is still chillen.” She has a lot of endorsements, but GoDaddy is lame as sh$t. I’m saying “Bad”.

2.) Floyd Mayweather, Jr. – Boxing

This sucks… but he’s “Good” for boxing. I hate the guy, but we all know the truth. He’s in jail btw… If you want to know when he comes home.. Click his name

1.) Mark Cuban – Dallas Mavericks

Cubes is hated, loved, hated, loved.. and yes, he’s the inspiration of this post. Cubes is taking some serious heat for letting the Mavericks get picked apart and not signing anyone. The question is; is Mark Cuban “Good” for the NBA or not? I’m going to leeeeaaaaannn toward “Good”, but I’m not sure…


Your Thoughts?

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