The big debate last week was whether or not Joe Paterno’s statue should remain up this season at Penn State. I thought Bobby Bowden was right on point with his assessment…

“Should his statue be removed? In my opinion, yes,” Bowden said. “Now the reason is, Penn State’s job now is to try to forget this thing. But every time somebody walks by and sees that statue, they’re not going to remember the 80 good years, they’re going to remember this thing with (former assistant coach Jerry) Sandusky.

“Just think, every time you go to a ballgame at Penn State and they shine a camera on that statue, that’s going to be brought up again. So if I was Penn State, if I was Joe’s family, I’d say, ‘move on from all that stuff.’”

Clearly, there are strong reasons for Joe Paterno’s statue to be removed. The question we look at today is; what other statues need to be removed from the world of sports…

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5.) The Cam Newton Statue at Auburn

I think we should celebrate Cam Newton’s college career – Did nothing at Florida except stole a laptop and threw it out of the window to hide it from authorities, went to Auburn and spent his career there winning games and answering questions about his eligibility. He was a great college player, but he was also constantly in some kind of issue. No need for the statue act like you’ve won a National Championship before..

4.) The Dale Earnhardt Statue

Respect to Dale Earnhardt, but this is the worst statue. The guy looks like Paul Bunyan at Daytona. I think he deserves a statue, but they could have done better.

3.) Diego Maradona

Addicted to cocaine, alcohol abuse, mess of a personal life and quite frankly a mess of a human being, but he’s got a statue. Why? Because he may have been one of the greatest soccer players that ever lived… He’s another guy, like Paterno, who when you think of him the crap comes to mind a quickly as the brilliance.

2.) This Babe Ruth Statue Outside Camden Yards

Should we ignore the fact this is the worst statue of Babe Ruth you will ever see? This is Babe Ruth as a 95-year old. I get Babe Ruth was a Maryland guy, but come on – he played for the Red Sox and Yankees. No need to have him outside the stadium of the Baltimore Orioles.

1.) The Stephon Marbury Statue

This statue is a setback for Chinese sports that they may never recover from…. Yeah Starbury guided the Beijing Ducks to their first CBA Championship, but good heavens. What can we say about it, the Chinese don’t know Stephon Marbury.. Now he’s immortalized there..


Your Thoughts?

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