When the Broncos report July 25 for training camp, the plan is to work at the speed of Manning. In short, players had better keep up, especially with their new quarterback Peyton Manning and veteran cornerback Champ Bailey leading the way.

That’s a clip from the Denver Post, and the way we break into today’s morning post. If you read that article you can see it’s pretty clear the all-around impact Peyton is going to have on the Broncos. Who knows what he has left physically, but the way he approaches the game and his ability to elevate the play of others is going to have a significant impact on the team.

So the question remains; what other offseason moves are going to have a significant impact on their respective teams. Hit the jump to find out….

5.) Brandon Lloyd to the New England Patriots

Brandon Lloyd is a really curious case. I don’t think we the people realize how freakin’ good this guy is…. He’s managed to put up very strong numbers while never having a good quarterback….. EVER. He’s a little bit mental, but who handles head cases better than Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. The Brady and Lloyd combo could be Moss/Brady Part Deux.

4.) Neil Rackers to the Washington Redskins

I know.. How can I put a kicker on here? Well, I’m not getting suckered into putting Randy Moss to the 49ers, Brandon Jacobs to the 49ers, Jacob Tamme to the Broncos (Although I really like that), or Chad Ochocinco to the Dolphins. Those moves are for suckers… With RG III moving the rock the ‘Skins are going to need a good place kicker. I can’t remember since my birth the last time the ‘Skins had a good kicker. That is all.

3.) Brandon Marshall to the Chicago Bears

I don’t care what anyone says Brandon Marshall is one of the best wide receivers in the league. He had no one to throw to him in Miami and still went for a G two years in a row. Now he’s reunited with Jay Cutler… Last time he did that he dropped 10 TDs on Fantasy Owners.. Expect that again this year my pets.

2.) Vincent Jackson to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I love what Tampa did this offseason. I think if Vincent Jackson stays healthy we can truly see what Josh Freeman is capable of… Think about it – V-Jax is one of the best deep threats in the game, and Freeman has one of the biggest arms… you do the math. This was a huge signing for the Bucs who now have the semblance of a good offense for the first time in the Freeman Era.

1.) Matt Flynn to the Seattle Seahawks

But what about Tim Tebow! Get out of here with that noise… Flynn will beat out Jackson for the starting QB spot, the Seahawks will win the division and make the playoffs. Mark my words friends… I don’t mess around with predictions of this natures.


Your Thoughts?

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