Back in May, Patrick Kane descended on Madison, Wisconsin for a weekend of hard partying. You probably heard about his adventures there, which made Deadspin, created a meme, and raised some legitimate concern about where the Chicago Blackhawks’ forward was at.

Even some within the Blackhawks’ organization — expressed concern with yet another document of his hard-drinking ways. On Friday, Kane addressed the weekend and the rumours they created head on. From the Chicago Sun-Times:

“It was the end of the season, I was up for a good weekend with my friends and things probably got a little bit out of control,” Kane said.

Does Kane believe he has a drinking problem?

“I don’t think so,” Kane said. “There’s a lot of rumors that were made about those stories [in Madison] and different things like that. But it’s something that I’ve put behind me and something [where] I don’t really want to put myself in that position again. But, no, I don’t think I do.”

That really doesn’t instill confidence in the public. Kane has been on an epic drinking spree this offseason. Sure he had that one event in Madison, but how do we account for all the other pictures that were produced. Kane and Gronkowski are professional sports’ party boys. The question is; do you think they drink excessive or do you think the media has found two ripe targets to exploit. (By the way, Kane chugging Natty Light – have to love the guy for staying humble)

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2 Responses to [Gallery] Chicago Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane is on an Epic Offseason Booze Binge


July 24th, 2012 at 7:47 pm

Give me a break. Remember Bobby Hull and Jeremy Roenick… Not exactly quiet guys. He’s a kid and wants to at least act like a college kid. He is not unusual. However, I suggest next summer he take a course in Madison for his future in the outside world. Still like Kaner.

janet brookfield

July 25th, 2012 at 3:21 pm

Give the kid a break. He won the Stanley Cup after 41 years! To me, that counts for alot!

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