This happens to me every year. I watch this Olympic sports like I’m watching Brooklyn Decker in her yellow bikini come out of the ocean in that crappy Adam Sandler movie. This sport is, without question, the inspiration for this morning’s post.

You’d be surprised at some of the sports in the 2012 Summer Olympics. Some events – perhaps you didn’t realize were even sports. Nonetheless, they are extremely badass and I somewhat wish I was athletically gifted in one of these sports. Of course, I would never want to admit that to someone, thus we get the title of this post…

Hit the jump to see 5 Summer Olympic Sports You Secretly Wish You Were Good At….

5.) Trampoline

The lead picture of the post is Olympic Trampoline. Trampoline comes in 5th simply because it’d be pretty sweet to be awesome at it, but I feel like it would get boring after like 5 minutes. But then again, people would want to go trampoline with you all the time, and then you can just blow their f$cking mind.

4.) Sailing

I have no idea how one becomes good at Sailing. No idea. I also have no idea what kind of talent you have to have to be good at Sailing. What I do know is that Sailing is strenuous as F#CK and you have to be in very good shape to compete. I can also tell you that chicks are going to dig you especially if you take them for a nice sail. I’m in.

3.) Archery

Every now and then you want to get your Legolas on. You have to admit despite the long, blonde hair the guy was pretty badass. Once again, this is a sport that I think would get boring if you just shot at a round target. However, if you spiced it up a little and used your imagination it’d be pretty sweet to be good at archery.

2.) Taekwondo

I guess you have to go with one martial artsy sport just so you can kick some ass. Taekwondo will get the nod. To be honest, not my pick, but I have to appease the masses. A lot of people want to be able to kick some people’s butts.

1.) Table Tennis

I am fascinated by Table Tennis. This is the hardest sport in the Olympics. PERIOD. I watch this sport and I’m in awe. I wish I could bang like these dudes on the table tennis table. I don’t know what possible good would come out of being awesome at TT, but I want to be good at it.



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