The terror has arrived. It’s that special week every year when Discovery Channel goes totally shark on us. Shark Week kicked off Sunday night at 9 and will run all week for your enjoyment. It’s awesome. No two ways about it.

To honor Shark Week, we’re going to compile some videos of sportsmen interacting with sharks. Surfers, fishers, rowers, you name it… They’ve had close encounters with sharks.

Hit the jump to see the videos…

5.) Insanity

3 million pageviews and I’ve never seen this video before. It almost begs the question of whether or not it’s real. If it is—- good heavens.

4.) Rowing With a Shark

The underwater camera shot into the unknown has become one of the scariest shots known to man. I’d be terrified here.

3.) The Fishing Incident

This video went viral like crazy this Summer. At least in this video there is a relative amount of safety.

2.) Boating/Fishing

Circling the boat! You see the size of this guy? Sharks are so badass.

1.) Shark and Surfer

Sharks and surfers have had a lot of interactions. Unfortunately, some end pretty bad. We tried to stay away from anything too brutal.


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