Think of the things you could do with $315. An iPhone comes to mind. An Xbox or PlayStation. (Or 30 Sega Genesis systems at a garage sale). Enough to fill up your gas tank six times if you drive a 2005 Toyota Camry (They were out of Camaros). Apartment rent (if you go to college and live with four other people and you most likely have roaches in your sink). Or…if you’re wanting to feel like a champion, you could buy a shiny new pair of Nike shoes. Not just any Nike shoes, though. These are the latest of the LeBron James collection. Nike will release the latest installment of James’ signature shoe, the LeBron X, later this year. The enhanced version of the shoe that features motion sensing technology will reportedly cost up to $315. James sported a version of the shoes in Team USA’s gold medal game win over Spain at the London Olympics.

It’s like Lebron James knew I was starting to like him again and desperately needed to go and mess it up. $315 for shoes is just ridiculous. Nike is outside their mind right now. The shoes aren’t even that nice. There’s nothing about these shoes that makes me want to splurge and buy them. Seriously don’t know what Lebron and Nike are trying to prove here. A$$holes


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