Autumn is just around the corner… Unathletic could not be more excited. Without question, Fall is the best season for sports fans the entire year. March madness may be the best week, but in terms of an entire season, nothing beats Autumn.

So today is August 27th, and although we have a couple weeks we can take solace in the fact that Fall is right around the corner. I’d be really interested in hearing some differing opinions on this topic…

Hit the jump to see why Fall rules the sports calendar…

5.) August is the worst sports month of the year

This, of course, amplifies the greatness of Fall. August is the dog days, and Fall is it’s savior.

4.) European Soccer Leagues are in Full Swing

I know I’m getting booed on this one, but for a lot of people (especially those around the world) the kick-off of European Soccer represents a great time. It’s the most popular sport in the world – can’t fight it.

3.) Thanksgiving Festivities

Thanksgiving day family football. Thanksgiving day football on TV. A couple days off from work. Thanksgiving was the worst when you were younger, now it’s close to the best.

2.) MLB Playoffs

Major League Baseball is a very long season. Fortunately, there is a huge reward at the end of the season – Playoff baseball. Absolutely and awesome time of year to watch baseball.

1.) Football Starts

College football on Saturday, NFL on Sunday. It’s just a weekend sports fans die for. Let’s face it – America is a football culture. I can’t wait.


Your Thoughts?

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