Ryan Lochte is probably getting his own reality show. EW previously reported that he was interested in either Dancing with the Stars or being the new Bachelor, but it seems Lochte had more individual stardom dreams. According to Celebuzz, Lochte said he is in talks with E! to get his own series. What on earth would it be about? Pretty much, they follow me on my normal day, just training, doing my own fashion line, he said in a video interview with the site.

F#ck this world we live in. Seriously. This is worse than Snooki and JWoww getting their own show, which absolutely tanked by the way. Ryan Lochte is the world’s biggest tool. This show is going to make the Kardashians look like Bill Nye the Science Guy. I’d rather have my genitals mutilated than watch his show. “Oh, stop being so dramatic” “I’m unsubscribing to this blog because you’re being so stupid”. Alright talk to you later. I couldn’t care less, F my genitals, F this show, F, F, F…. Angry Friday. Btw, I hate that I can’t swear on this blog. F!


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