Would you rather be Andy Roddick or Roger Federer? I was heavily influenced by the internet on Friday which lead me to write this blog. First, I saw the actual post on Barstool New York. Then I read this article about how Roger Federer single-handedly prevented Roddick from becoming an elite tennis player….

Look I know we’re often bullsh$itting when we write blogs on a day-to-day basis, but this question is really challenging. I ask you to seriously consider this….

First, hit the jump to see our diagram, and then carefully consider who you’d want to be….

Roger Federer


Andy Roddick

Tough right? On one hand you have Roger Federer, who will go down as the greatest tennis player to ever play the game. Setting all types of records, a God in the tennis world. He has a cute wife, and a nice family. Life is certainly good. Then on the other hand you have Andy Roddick – a very good tennis player, won a Grand Slam, has a lot of money and is married to Brooklyn Decker. I’m sorry, but I’m going with Roddick every day of the week and twice on Sunday. I know eventually you’ll get old and she’ll get old and all you’ll have is your legacy, but a good ten years with Brooklyn in her prime is worth the world to me. And yes, I’m saying that in a sick, obsessed way.


Your Thoughts?

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