I hate to lead the week off with our opening post dedicated to just one game. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. To make matters worse, most of our fan base bleeds red, white, and blue so a ‘futbol’ match from Spain isn’t going to please many.

However, the Real Madrid vs. Sevilla game on Saturday afternoon was loaded with quality videos. For a 1-0 game, it was absolutely loaded with drama and quality.

Like I said, I hate to do it, but hit the jump to see some awesome videos from the match….

5.) Ronaldo Gets Taunted After a Close Call

Could have been a PK here. Not sure I agree with the call. However, Ronaldo is such a girl it’s unreal.

4.) Cicinho Doing His Best Ronaldo Impression

Quality impression – usually ends the same way too. With Ronaldo on the pitch crying (or scoring!)

3.) Sergio Ramos Shankapotamus

It doesn’t get much worse than this – I think I could have headed this one in and I don’t have a goal via a header in my career.

2.) More Drama

Brutal challenge that deserved retaliation. This is the extent of a soccer fight though.. Yawn

1.) Oh and the Goal

Actually a superb effort here for the goal. Shockingly – the only goal of the game.

Bonus! Referee Goof!

Wild game – I promise I won’t do this again:)


Your Thoughts?

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