Josh Morgan may have cost the Washington Redskins the game yesterday vs. the St. Louis Rams. The ‘Skins wideout may have been playing in a game that the officials let get out of control. Cortland Finnegan may be an instigating punk who likes to goad other players into fighting back and prays they’ll get caught instead of him. Neither of those facts excuses Morgan for retaliating to Finnegan’s cheap shot by throwing the ball directly at him and earning a 15-yard penalty that put the Redskins out of first down and field goal range in Sunday’s game.

[Hit the link to see the video]

I can’t call out Josh Morgan for being dumb. The entire NFL is dumb. What Morgan did is just an NFL Player being and NFL Player. It’s like calling a prostitute out for being a slut. She’s being a prostitute. Morgan’s being an NFL player. I will say this though; Cortland Finnegan could be the biggest d$ckhead in the league. I hate that guy. No wonder everyone tries to kick his a$$ all the time.


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