Several months ago Rembert Browne posted an article entitled ‘What Can Team USA Basketball Learn from Gordon Bombay’s Might Ducks‘. I thought the effort was sublime. So much so that I decided to take a stab at the Unathletic version.

The Sandlot‘ is one of the more classic films of our generation’s youth. We were quoting this movie for years. I happened to stumble upon the movie this weekend on TV. Remembering Browne’s article, then seeing ‘The Sandlot’ gave me the inspiration to give this a crack.

So here we go… It’s not spot on, but I’m pretty confident about it. Hit the jump to see the New York Yankees/Sandlot Mashup….

Kenny DeNunez

The African-American fireballer and only pitcher on ‘The Sandlot’ staff is…..

CC Sabathia: The African-American fireballer and only pitcher on the New York Yankees (or so we thought at the start of the season, but now we’re not so sure).

Bertram Grover Weeks

The bad influence, obnoxious rebel who ended up ‘getting really into the 60′s and nobody ever heard from him again’ is…..

The obnoxious, guy-who-can’t-hit-in-the-playoffs who’s about to get ‘lost in 2013 Free Agency’.


Your Thoughts?

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