I guess the question should be do you feel bad for any ex-professional athlete who is now broke? My answer is a pretty confident no, but then again there is a loophole in this question…..

The broke professional athlete situation is a lot more common than you think. We hear about the big names we’re going to feature in this post, but we don’t hear about the hundreds of others who are now facing financial hardship. Some of those guys I do feel bad for. The big names – not so much.

Hit the jump to see 5 Ex-Athletes who are now broke, and weight in on who you feel the worst for….

5.) Vince Young Former NFL Quarterback

According to TerezOwens: Former National Championship winner Vince Young is downplaying the fact that hes broke. The former Texas star, who is currently out of NFL work, wrote on Twitter: Yes, I need a job, who doesnt. Yes, I want to be out there playing the game I love and earning a paycheck, who wouldnt?

4.) Latrell Sprewell Former NBA Player

3.) Dennis Rodman Former NBA Player

The eccentric basketball star is allegedly broke, “extremely sick” and behind on over $800,000 of child support bills. He’s currently facing a court hearing for failure to pay child and spousal support to his third wife, Michelle.

2.) Jose Canseco Former MLB Player

The inspiration of the blog. Jose Canseco has done everything under the sun to make money since he blew it all. The former MLB player has officially declared bankruptcy.

1.) Terrell Owens Former NFL WR

I love T.O. He gets cut by the Seahawks, but has been parading around town claiming his financial situation has changed. How? Did you win the lottery? You went from being broke and owing millions to your baby-mamas, and not your cool. Ok brah.


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