It’s always about big hits, huge tackles, or bone-crushing sacks. When you post football highlight videos you have to distinct categories when it comes to offense vs. defense. The offensive highlights are brilliant runs and amazing catches. The defensive highlights are always jaw-rattling hits or kill-the-QB sacks.

Today, we’re giving the offensive guys some love. They’ve done their fair share of owning defensive players and today is their day. We’re giving them full-credit for the highlights. It’s time we flip the script.

Hit the jump to see some videos of defensive players getting owned…

5.) Lingerie Football Kicks It Off

This is just insulting. The girl gets tossed and sits there like a puss. This is a nice victory for the offense, a horrible loss for boners across the country.

4.) Knockdown Stiff Arm

I don’t really know how a stiff arm can illicit such a knockout blow. I mean this is the type of hit that comes with a punch, not just a stiff arm.

3.) Biggest Fullback Ever

I posted this video as part of our Monday compilation. It’s just that good. I don’t know why coaches don’t employ this strategy more often. Just give the rock to the big man and let him do work.

2.) Brandon Jacobs Trucks

The reason I appreciate this video do much is not because Brandon Jacobs is a beast, but because Laron Landry is an absolute beast. Laron Landry is huge and he gets absolutely trucked.

1.) Andrew Lucks’ Career Highlight

Quite possibly one of my favorite highlights of all-time in football. Andrew Luck just laying the absolute wood on USC LB Shareece Wright.


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