I was dead set on doing the opening article on something sexy. Unfortunately, because of the relationships with our advertisers and the powers that be I’m on a pretty short leash when it comes to posting about women. Sure – I’d love to do the hottest, nakedest chicks in the world, but it’s just not going to happen.

Seeing we’re a sports blog, and we can’t adventure beyond an agressive PG-13/mild R-rating this is what you get today. Five sexy actresses who have played athletes in movies. To be honest, coming up with a list was a little harder than I anticipated..

Without further ado, hit the jump to see the results of my search…

5.) Vinessa Shaw – Ladybugs

The movie that no one has ever seen, and the actress that not many people know about. Unfortunately, I’ve seen it, and I was mightily impressed with Vinessa Shaw at age 17 (I was younger than that so it’s all good). The good news is she grew up to be a total smoke because she sucked at soccer.


Your Thoughts?

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