Hurricane Sandy cancelled the New York Marathon this past weekend. The storms devastation is still being felt by many Americans on the east coast. Fortunately for us football fans, Sunday provided us with a little respite from reality…

Even if the Hurricane was still upon us, it wouldn’t surprise me if the NFL or college football played anyway. They have a knack for playing in inclement weather… Which leads us to our post today; Five Football Games Played in Absolutely Horrific Weather.

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5.) Cotton Bowl, 1979

The 1979 Cotton Bowl Classic, popularly called the Chicken Soup Game, was a football game played between the University of Notre Dame and the University of Houston. The game took place on an unusually cold day in Dallas, Texas, played the day after Dallas’s worst ice storm in 30 years. Quarterback Joe Montana, who had the flu, led Notre Dame to a come-from-behind victory in the second half after eating a bowl of chicken soup.

4.) Ohio State vs. Michigan, 1950

The Ohio State/Michigan football game on November 25, 1950 is known as the Snow Bowl, for obvious reasons. As explained in the alumni magazine, Ohio State University Monthly: “The game was played in the teeth of a full-scale blizzard, five inches of snow on the ground and snow whistling through the air, borne on a 29-mile-per-hour gale. Despite the fact it was the worst blizzard in 37 years in Columbus, the Ohio capital easily defended its title as the football craziest town in the nation. A total of 50,503 persons braved the elements, staying below deck, under the Stadium, until just a few minutes before the kickoff.


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