With it being election day, we must admit that we’re in an extremely obnoxious patriotic attitude today. For the past two days, it seems all we’ve written about are things that relate back to presidential debates, voting, and the candidates.

For that reason, we figured, “Why stop now?”

So we’ve dug through our minds to try and remember some of the best moments in American sports history over the past 20 years. Seeing that we were only eight back in 1992, our memory can be a little foggy, but thanks to the internet, we were able to give you the ones that have ‘Merica written all over it.

With such significane, you’d think these would get their own holiday or something?

5.Muhammad Ali Lights The Torch

Billy Joel once said he, “Didn’t start the fire,” so who was it? Well how about the greatest boxer in the sport?

That’s right, Ali’s lighting of the 1996 Olympic flame during the Atlanta games was not only one of the top U.S. sports moments, but it showed a younger generation just how respected (and dominant) he was during his life.

Looking back on this now, we really wish we understood it better way back when.


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