Fantasy Football f$cking sucks. I mean, I love it, but I absolutely hate it sometimes. This post is going to reveal one thing; I need to get a grip on reality. Fortunately, I’m not alone in this when it comes to Fantasy Football.

Here’s the thing; FFB is a losing proposition. For example: You’re probably in a 12-14 league team. The odds of winning the league are already slim as it is so why do we think that we have a better shot than what statistics would indicate… I’m pissed this week.

Hit the jump to see Five Reasons Why Fantasy Football Sucks (I know you’ll relate)

5.) The Time Investment & Often Poor Returns

How many times in a given week do you check your lineup? How many times do you look at injuries, check the waiver wire, etc. We’re talking some serious time in any given week. Then you know what happens – the guy you picked up on waivers sucks, your lineup projections were wrong, you should have made this trade, the list goes on and on. Thing about all the things you could have done with that time. (Sigh)

4.) The Elimination of Anything Productive Sunday

Without Fantasy Football we’d be watching football anyway… With Fantasy Football the odds of getting anything done on Sunday went from very little to NONE. You’re in front of the TV on the computer all afternoon. There is absolutely no chance anything gets done on Sunday afternoon. I’m not saying you would if you didn’t play Fantasy Football, but there’s no chance now. Oh and come Sunday night your brain is fried.


Your Thoughts?

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