From Yahoo Fantasy Football:

We apologize sincerely for the outage on Sunday. We are working on the fixthe site is stabilizedand will update everyone on next steps for how to handle week 10. Currently, data and scores can be viewed on our mobile apps but for now you cannot make transactions or change line-ups from the apps.

Yahoo’s Fantasy Football site went haywire an hour before the 1:00 PM ET games started yesterday. For a normal human being, no big deal. For the people in Fantasyville, catastrophe. Those individuals who didn’t set their lineup paid dearly. The problem here is not that Yahoo is incompetent. It’s that most of us are insanely tied to the success of our football team. For me, it’s about the money. As far as I’m concerned Yahoo owes me money for this.

Actually, I don’t give a sh$t, but it does suck for those who didn’t get their lineups in.



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