Nov 13 2012

The Biggest B*tch Jobs in Sports

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For most guys, a job in sports constitutes as something worth giving an arm and/or leg for. It’s the ultimate job, thinking that a life of working with other sports-minded fanatics and enjoying free games is well worth the long hours and pressure.

But while most people think it’s all roses to earn a paycheck from their favorite sports team, it’s not all great if you have one of these jobs.

Okay, so being on the court for every home game is pretty cool, but we’re not sure it’s worth it if this is what you’d be doing during your 9-5. Here are the biggest b*tch jobs a person can have in sports.


It might seem kind of fun to be able to hide inside a giant costume, dance around, and be on the court during pregame introductions to give high fives to players, but just wait till that first hangover catches you the wrong way, and you actually have to hold back barfing inside that suit.

And while it seems cool to be known as the entertainer of fans, if you’re stuck having to do it during baseball season, you might as well just shoot yourself in the foot, because you’ll be miserable running around in that costume all day.


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