It’s the MLB offseason, so while team’s will no doubt overspend like crazy on guys that will make fans pull their hair out, we’re giving you the names of five people who will have a major influence over this year’s offseason, and in effect will leave a major impact on next year’s season.

Though it’d be easy to just list the most sought-after free agents on the market as the biggest influencers, we all know that there’s a number of factors and decision-makers that go into reshaping a team, so check out some of the names that will have a lasting effect heading into the 2013 season.

Brian Cashman

As with any year the Yanks underachieve and don’t win the World Series, there’s always pressure on the Cash man (get it) to deliver on upgrading the pinstripes.

This offseason’s really going to test the skills of the long-tenured Yanks’ GM, as he’s dealing with a number of issues his club hasn’t dealt with in years, if ever.

Will Jeter bounce back from his devastating ankle injury? If so, how productive can he be as he’s continuing to age? Is A-Rod worth keeping around if he’s going to continue to struggle in the postseason? What to do with the pitching staff?

The Yanks never rebuild, so one thing’s for sure, Cashman’s got to figure out those answers sooner rather than later so not to miss out on the impact players to help the Yanks get back on top.


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