Did you see the trade the Miami Marlins just pulled off with the Toronto Blue Jays? Good lord, they just got rid of their best (and most expensive) players, giving up guys like Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle, and Josh Johnson, all for some unproven minor league prospects and underachieving major league players.

With the lopsidedness of that trade, as well as just the pure depth of guys relocating, we got to thinking about some other sports trades that ended up either very one-sided.

Who knows whether or not the Blue Jays instantly jolt up into a World Series contender, but one thing’s for sure, we have a good feeling they increased their win total along with their payroll.

2012 Boston Red Sox Trade Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett and Nick Punto

It’s not as if the Red Sox were really destined to win the World Series this year, but with the array of guys they traded away to the Dodgers at the deadline this past July, you’d think they had a much better chance of getting there with them than without.

We understand ripping over $250 million off your payroll is appealing, but when the guys traded away included the likes of Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonazleztwo guys who didn’t even spend two full seasons in Beantownthe trade probably left loyal Sawx fans a little pissed off.


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