Most standard Fantasy Football Leagues have a trade deadline that is quickly approaching. The purpose of this article isn’t just to give you an idea of who to target if you’re in the market for a trade, but also to give you confidence or terror (depending if the guy is on your team or playing against you) for the final stretch of play.

Me personally, I’m on a four game losing streak. I started the season off dominant in first place. Four losses later. I’m a middle of the pack playoff team. Sucks.. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of these guys except one, and he might be my riskiest choice of the five…

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5.) Darren McFadden – RB – Oakland Raiders

My wildcard/injury pick. Assuming Run DMC comes back this weekend, he could save you from total humiliation for drafting him. Look – he’s the most player on the team. The owner told him to talk to the coaches about getting the rock, and his schedule is a thing of beauty. I’m not saying this is a lock, but there are a lot of positive factors.

4.) Cam Newton – QB – Carolina Panthers

I begrudgingly put Cam Newton on this list. Look, he’s been pretty crappy so far. He’s took good to be THAT crappy so I expect an upward trend. Carolina’s schedule also looks real good for Cam. They’ve got Oakland, Tampa, Philly, New Orleans.. Cam should be ready to pile it up going forward even though he’s a d-bag.


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