After their stunning loss to Texas A&M last week—at home nonetheless—the team termed the most dominant in college football this year fell out of the BCS title picture.

As per usual with an SEC powerhouse, the voters did Bama a huge favor and dropped them only from No. 1 to No. 4, ignoring the fact the loss came to an Aggies team that was playing on the road an all but won convincingly, and still kept the Tide in the championship picture.

Regardless of our obvious hatred and underlying belief in an SEC bias by voters, we’re here to tell you why Bama will not be playing in the national championship game again this year, since so many people are still holding out hope it will happen.

The Eye Test

While we typically side with the eye test to determine positive things—like the looks of a girl in person rather than how they appear on a website picture—in this case, we’re using it to determine that Alabama is not one of the two best team’s in the country.

Like most college football season’s, there’s always a team that grabs ahold of the No. 1 spot, is coined as the best in the land, and never looks back. Well, that is, until they have a little hiccup and lose.

This year’s Bama team is no different, as they looked the part for nine weeks, only to lose in front of their home fans in T-town, quite convincingly actually.

With the media needing to talk about something each week between games, they just happened to be the flavor of the week for a little longer.


Your Thoughts?

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