The New England Patriots superb offense finally got some help from the rest of the team. The Patriots used three scoring passes from Tom Brady , two touchdowns on interception returns and another on a punt return to match a team single-game scoring record in a 59-24 rout of the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. The first matchup between three-time Super Bowl winner Brady and star rookie Andrew Luck was no match.

Then this happened……

Per beat writer Greg Bedard, Gronkowski’s injury occurred on the Patriots’ final extra point, and not when New England appeared to be trying to run up the score against the Colts. There is some “thought” that Gronk could return in five weeks to contribute as a pass catcher but not a blocker, playing with a brace on the arm. Even in a best case scenario, Gronk would not be available to fantasy owners until Week 16 — championship week — and then it’d likely be in a limited role.

Let’s start the debate shall we…. There are going to be some folks who think that Bill Belichick did nothing wrong here and it was just a fluke injury. There will be other folks who think that Belichick is an a$$hole for leaving Tom Brady, Gronk, etc. in and running up the score. Tom Brady in late in the game throwing the ball. The game was over by a long shot. Think what you will, I think it was unnecessary, and he paid the price for being an a$$hole. Period.


1 Response to Gronkowski Breaks Forearm Because Bill Belichick is an A$$hole

Kenneth E. MacAlister Jr.

November 19th, 2012 at 5:35 pm

I think you’re correct in your opinion that Belicheck was purposely running up the score against The Colts yesterday & I’m no fan of either team. This to me, is typical Bill Belicheck & Patriots style of play. Rub your opponent’s nose in their loss as much as possible. I have no time for Belicheck or his Patriots & hope The NY Giants make it to the Stupor Bowl again. They seem to be the only team that can hurt N.E. & Bill Belicheck when it really matters. Belicheck, Brady & the rest of The Patriots organization are classless & have become the arrogant powerhouse the Dallas Cowboys once were for many years. Most coaches would opt for kicking field goals once their team was up by four touchdowns, but not Belicheck. I sense the egos of Belicheck & Brady are huge & they aren’t happy to just defeat you. They want to embarrass you as much as possible. As they say though… What comes around goes around. It’ll catch up to them eventually.

Your Thoughts?

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