We’re not sure who your hometown team is, but for us, it’s the Cleveland Browns.

Now before you laugh at us and appropriately call us the biggest loser you’ve ever met, we want to remind you that nothing you say can upset us as much as these f*cking guys.

And since we live outside of Ohio these days, it’s nearly impossible for us to catch a game of theirs, but when we do, it’s one of the greatest days of our livessad, right?

Even though we know they’ll never look like a pro team, the opponent will (for some ridiculous reason) play down to the all-world suckiness of the guys in the orange helmets, and that they’ll find a new way of breaking our heart, we still get excited.

So when we saw that we’d get a chance to see them take on the Cowboys today, we seriously almost started a tailgate in our living room to prep.

What did the worst franchise in the NFL give us?

How about a cocktease of a lead at halftime, going into the midgame pep talks holding down a 13-0 lead.

What’d we get by the time the clock hit triple-zeros? The same old crapa loss.


Your Thoughts?

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