Want to know why it completely blows watching your hometown team? Easy, the disappointment.

Your emotions will run as fast as Usain Bolt in the Olympics, and you’ll, for the first time all year, feel proud to talk crap to friends and bar strangers.

But once you get caught-up in the hoopla, POW! your heart’s getting ripped out.

At this point, you should know better.

Between the optimistic twitter updates, to the nervous habits on the couch, and finally onto the negative Facebook posts to share your feelings with all the other fans out there, your day’s been ruined.

And though it completely blows having to nod your head and accept the fact they’re the same old team you’ve always remembered them to be, at least there’s something positive that comes out of watching your hometown team.

It’s called the alcohol that helps heal that pain of a day wasted, turning into a wasted day!


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