Being a dude, it’s not that uncommon to have some hatred towards other guys.It’s the whole “Alpha Male” complex that haunts us alland in most cases, it comes out at the worst times, like at bars or sporting events.

But while we were watching the Clippers/Heat game last week, we actually stopped and thought to ourselves, “Damnit. How lucky is LeBron James?”

From his play on the court, to his (seems like) hundreds of endorsements, life’s got to be pretty good for the King.

If you know us, the first thing that should come to mind is, “Really?” After all, this was the same Bron Bron that ditched our beloved Cavaliers on national TV to “take his talents” as far away from Cleveland as possible.

Though we’ll probably never know what it’s like to be LBJ (sadly), there’s some other athletes that we’re just as jealous of for various reasons. These are those guys.

Ron Artest AKA Metta World Peace

You might be asking yourself, “Why the hell…?” but let us explain.

Not only has he somehow maintained a spot in the Associationyou know, after all those “little” confrontations he’s hadbut he’s a multi-millionaire, won some awards in his day, and more importantly, is the least important or talked about starter on a Lakers team full of All-Stars.

In fact, we’re not sure he’d even be missed if he just happens to stay on the bench and the Lakers go 4-on-5 for the first quarter just to see if fans are paying attention.

We’d never say he’s just riding Kobe’s coattails, but besides a few good playoff moments, it’s a fact he got his title (2010) from the Mamba. Then again, who didn’t


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