Wednesday’s early morning post is usually a debatable topic you and your buddies can discuss at the water cooler at work today. I have ulterior motives for today’s topic, which will be explained later in the post…

Today, we discuss five current athletes that may be the best ever at their respective position. I say position loosely because it’s not necessarily applicable for the five athletes you are going to see. Let the debate begin!

Hit the jump to see the five….

5.) Is Tiger Woods the Best Golfer Ever?

Tiger Woods is an interesting case. He’s second all-time in PGA tour wins in 17 years of golfing. To understand what that means; he’s 7 behind Sam Snead and Snead was a golfer for 30 years. The big question is the majors. He’s got 14, Jack has 18. I’m a huge Nicklaus fan so I’m going to say no Tiger isn’t the best ever. HOWEVER, Tiger has plenty of time to win 18 majors and at that point what do we say?

4.) Is Derek Jeter the Best Shortstop Ever?

This is tricky… really you’re arguing between Cal Ripken, Jeter, and Honus Wagner. People don’t give Jeter any love with his fielding but he’s won 3 more Gold Gloves than Cal. He’s also got more hits and a better lifetime average. Cal owns him in home runs, but guess what; Jeter has 5 rings (you knew that was coming). Jeter will surpass Honus Wagner in hits, and he’s already more than doubled his Home Run output. It’s REALLY hard argue Jeter NOT being the best. It’s always going to come back to his hardware – 5 rings.


Your Thoughts?

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